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  • Tracey Clark

Imperfect perfection

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

A Starbucks venti skinny latte with hazelnut is my idea of perfection. Beyond the way it tastes, it is more about the ritual of it all. The way the cup fits into my hand. The fact that I spent nearly $5 on a cup of coffee to treat myself. The way the experience of having that cup of warmth in my hands always makes me pause, think, ground and most importantly ... relax.

I've tried to replicate the cup of coffee numerous times. Tried various coffee makers, coffee brands and too many creamers and syrups to count. The fact of the matter remains, I have yet to completely make a carbon copy of it all from home.

But, the key to recognize is ... I've come pretty darn close. May not be the exact taste, but the experience of treat, pause, grounding thinking and relaxing is absolutely there. And this, should be celebrated every bit as much as when I've had the real deal.

The message here is, while I completely admit I find Starbucks coffee da bomb, I can and do get just as much out of my home concoction. Don't we do this in so many other areas of our lives?

Comparisons can be a killer for the soul ... and your happy. Comparing anything in your life to something or someone else isn't honoring your gifts, talents and the wonderfully made, completely unique you. And what you bring may be imperfect, but it has value to someone else and in divine fashion in the one instance or experience, you offer them perfection. Value the experiences you bring to the table and give. You'll be happier for it. Enjoy!

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